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We will develop nano carbon materials for industrial applications.  we will support researches  and studies of endohedral fullerenes, mainly Li⁺@C60. We will solve technological hurdles and contribute to scientific studies of nano carbon materials.

A totally new material

We will apply endohedral fullerenes firstly to be widely used at test-drug markets and then many other industrial markets where it becomes the material of choice.

Endohedral fullerenes is a new material which attracts serious interest of many researchers, as it has huge potential for many industrial applications. However, until recently the material has not been available in large volume for practical use.

Endohedral fullerenes are expected to become a standard and base material in the forthcoming era where bottom up type of nano technologies are widely applied.

To achieve that goal, the physical properties and application studies must be carried out intensively. We plan to make Li⁺@C60 widely used in the test drug market, defining at this stage as “the first high-value added market”, with close cooperation of academia. We then plan to make it a standard material for many of industrial applications. This is our vision..

Only we can.

C60s, perfectly symmetrical, are available everywhere. However, our company is the only one in the world that can synthesize and sell endohedral fullerenes encapsulating an alkali metal ion in C60.

We have serious interest of many researchers around the world for our unique material.

A network of young researchers, in organic chemicals, is widening in Japan.  The network encompasses researchers in the field of physics within the current year.  At the same time, researchers from abroad have paid attention to the

Li⁺@C60 material, albeit from a small number of researchers so far.

Collaboration with Tohoku University

Tohoku University owns the basic technology platform that allows further investigation of this material. We have formed a close tie-up with Tohoku University who provides a wide range of support in basic research/study and applications of this unique material.


Business scope

With this platform of technologies of Tohoku University, we are the first in the world (*1) in synthesizing in mass quantities the lithium ion endohedral fullerene which encapsulates a single lithium ion inside C60 molecule (a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms; forming a “soccer ball” like geodesic structure with 1 nm diameter). We are the only company in the world that develops further the mass synthesis technologies and know how, so that the material is used for practical and real world industrial applications.

This material has enormous potential. It is expected that innovations will be ushered in such many areas as solar batteries and other energy related devices, sensors, petabyte memory devices, cancer treatment, anti-virus medicines, other nano bio medical agents and catalytic chemicals.

We are forming a wide network among researchers in universities and research institutes who are also our customers for the material. We also carry out our own R&D projects for practical applications of the material.

(*1): In the summer of 2010 , our study was reported in the English academic magazine “Nature Chemistry”. It reported “Endohedral Fullerenes have been the subject for academic studies, but the material is now ready for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Expectations for endohedral fullerenes

Endohedral fullerenes are expected to be the basic material for the era of bottom up nano technologies. As the material is scarcely available, it has been the subject only for a limited number of theoretical and academic studies.


Accordingly, users for the material are mostly researchers in the academic world.  


At this stage, it is very important to provide the material with a reasonably low price. In response to our questionnaires about endohedral C60 fullerenes, many answer “Interesting! I would like to use the material for my study! But a price is…..”


This implies that there exists a potential market for this material.


History and Main customers

  • ​December, 2011: Test manufacturing facility was set up at Hatchery Square of Tohoku University

  • February, 2012:  Head Office was moved to the current location.

  • May, 2012:  We started selling Li+@C60, not free distribution.

  • November, 2012:  We contracted with Wako Pure Chemical Industries Ltd.Wako sells Li⁺@C60 as our sales agent.

  • October,2013:  A subordinated loan, equivalent to capital, was extended by Japan Finance Corporation and it was the first application of their new loan program.

  • August, 2015:  Tohoku University adopted the “Studies for synthesis of new materials, properties and applications by using Li⁺@C60” as appropriate for Interdisciplinary Research Program. In October we started the project “Promotion of Industry Collaboration”

  • April, 2015:  Japanese government designated Tohoku University as Centre of Interdisciplinary Study.

  • June, 2015:  Funds were provided by METI program “Support for Innovation in Manufacturing/Commerce/Services by an extra budget in fiscal 2014". With the funds, we completed mass synthesis technologies and mass production of L⁺@C60.

  • ​August, 2016:  We were commissioned by National University of Yokohama to support them in the study “New and Unique Nano Carbon Materials by combining the first principle calculation and empirical tests.”

Tohoku University, Osaka University, Tokyo University, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Tsukuba University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Niigata University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Nagoya City University, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, National Institute of  Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National Printing Bureau, other universities/research institutes, researchers of medicine and energy, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, University of Leeds, The University of Edinburgh, Basel University and other universities in EU   


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