Scientific papers of Associate Professor E. Kwon、Mr.Y. Kawashima were released

Associate Professor Eunsang Kwon et al. at Tohoku University and Mr. Yuki Kawashima et al. at Osaka University have made studies concerning lithium-ion endohedral fullerenes, our company’s products. The results of the studies were recently released in a WEB version of the science journals. For details please refer to the following URLs below.

◆ Eunsang Kwon,et al. Dynamic Behavior of Lithium-Cation in a C60 Fullerene Cage Elucidated by Terahertz Spectroscopy, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Vol.598: pp28-31, 2014

◆Y. Kawashima et al., Efficient Charge Separation in Li+@C60 Spuramolecular omplexes with Electron Donors, Chem. Asian J., 2015,10, in press


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