Campaign No.2

We are making the second Trial Campaign following the first one which was received well last year.

We would be happy if many of you could experience and witness attractiveness of this materials.

There are several products available as listed below. Besides the listed below, we are also ready to provide the products in response to your requirement for the volume. Please contact us for further information.

[Li⁺@C₆₀]PF₆⁻ Salt, are highly-purified single crystals which are made by re-crystalizing〔Li⁺@C₆₀〕PF⁻ powder. [Li⁺@C₆₀]NTf₂⁻ Salt, powders are easily solved in the solvent, and chemically stable 〔Li⁺@C₆₀〕Li+ salts.