Interdisciplinary Research Program of Tohoku University started

The research project “Creation of Endohedral Fullerenes Nano Biotronics” (Program for Industry Collaboration Promotion of Future Science and Technology Co-Research Center) started officially on October 1. The project has been accepted as Interdisciplinary Research Program of Tohoku University. Researchers in various fields ,who study fullerenes encapsulating lithium ion at Tohoku University, will cooperate with each other and work on the study tasks through fiscal year 2017.

◆Public invitation and selection of the study for Interdisciplinary

Research Program

To commemorate the start of the Program, the first open seminar was held at Tohoku University on November 24. Professor Kei Okubo (Technology Department of Osaka University) was invited as guest speaker. He purchased much of fullerenes encapsulating lithium ion, our company product, and made many research reports publicised. He explained superior acceptability and transferability of electrons of fullerenes encapsulating lithium (Li+@C60).

For further information please see the following website.

Tohoku University plans to promote speedily research activities in this field by inviting researches who have made their studies publicised.


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