Collaboration with Osawa Nano Carbon Research Institute Ltd.

Idea International Co.Ltd, entered into a joint work with Osawa Nano Carbon Research Institute Ltd. Dr. Osawa, head of the Institute, is widely known as the world’s first researcher who predicted theoretically existence of C60 fullerene 15 years before discovery of C60.

Both companies will work together to do R&D activities toward practical use of nano carbon materials. Idea International has made success, the first in the world, in mass synthesis of Li ion endohedral C60 fullerenes. Osawa Nano Carbon Research Institute has succeeded, the first in the world, in making nano diamonds with 2.6 nm diameter as commercial product. Both companies have provided their products to researchers as sole manufacturer respectively.

By collaboration of two companies, expected are synergies in manufacturing/evaluation technologies of nano carbon which have been accumulated independently. Also expected is close communications among researchers who are a front runner in their individual field and full of challenging sprit.

Thus we can contribute to acceleration of R&D activities which are undertaken by researchers who aim at practical applications of base materials in the period of bottom up type of nano carbons.

Both companies will participate as core member in the nano carbon projects Tohoku University takes leadership on.


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