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Lithium ion inclusion fullerene

Li + @ C60

"Lithium-ion endohedral fullerene" is expressed technically as Li+@C60. We have nicknamed this mysterious molecule as “LiEF”, mass synthesis of which we have succeeded for the first time in the world. We are the only company in the world who can synthese the material in a macroscopic volume.

About LiEF

LiEF is made by driving one Li + ion into a fullerene * 1) that looks like a soccer ball with a diameter of 1 nm and is made by joining hands with 60 carbon atoms and closing them completely.

* 1) Not only C60 but also C70, C74, C76, C78, etc. have been found in fullerenes. They all consist of a 6-membered ring and a 5-membered ring. The most stable and sphere-like C60 can be made overwhelmingly.

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