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Expectations for lithium-ion-encapsulating fullerenes

-Foreseeing the era of bottom-up nanotechnology practical application-

2017-2018 coverage (The telop in the video was created at that time.)

"If you study hard and work hard, the whole society will be enriched ..."-Professor Eiji Osawa asks Tohoku University students

"I was fascinated by the lithium plus ions that move around in fullerenes! I am looking forward to bringing out new physical properties with a new structure combined with various molecules! 』\

"A rare molecule among the tens of millions of molecules that humans have ever been able to determine the structure of. It's fun to be chased at the molecular level to see how it reacts with external molecules. "

"Amazing spin-lattice relaxation time! Lithium ions inside fullerenes are like "tops that keep spinning in a vacuum" without losing energy! 』\

"New Nanoarchitecture with Plasma Science and Engineering-Creation" -For the era of bottom-up nanotechnology practical application-

Starting with the presentation of molecular switching in supramolecular in the 2011 JACS paper, we proved the photoelectron transfer physical properties of supramolecular using the strong electron acceptability of lithium ion-encapsulating fullerenes one after another. Currently challenging drug discovery.

"A new molecule that no one has touched yet, centered on the science of basic research, research that makes use of the strengths of engineering, pharmacy, research institutes, and general universities."

"I want to make a new complex of contained fullerenes. I want to use it for a new catalyst. Wider applications. For that reason, I want to increase the yield by chemical process! 』\

A really interesting molecule that becomes a positive fullerene by protecting many electrons of fullerenes to protect the lithium ion of the internal electron deficiency. "

"A mysterious fullerene charged positively. The bud of new chemistry creation and application! 』\

"We value basic research on the world's only materials produced by Sendai, and support the world from Sendai until it is useful to society! 』\

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